As Retailers Claim Bankruptcy, What About Their Warehouses? By Heather Taylor

Each day, more and more data is released on the state of each sector of commercial real estate. This week, several large retailers claimed bankruptcy. Many commercial real estate brokers started worrying about the big box locations that could eventually be empty, but also the large amount of flex/industrial warehouses that would also be impacted. These flex/industrial warehouses are used for storage and distribution.

One good note for Denver is that in spite of this danger, we are at the bottom of the list for flex/industrial that is used by retailers. Below is a chart released by CoStar that shows Denver with the lowest amount of inventory at risk. Meaning that we have very few flex/industrial buildings currently in our inventory that is being used by these big retailers; essentially reducing our risk of large vacant industrial buildings.

It seems that the flex/industrial buildings in Denver, or in Colorado as a whole, are being used by other industries and therefore we should not see as many vacant buildings as other cities or states.

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